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What Are The Reasonable Diet For Chronic Renal Insufficiency

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2019-01-07 14:11

Chronic Renal Insufficiency,Reasonable DietThe diet of Chronic Renal Insufficiency plays an important role in the treatment of chronic renal insufficiency and delaying its development. In clinical observation, it is better to take reasonable diet for chronic renal insufficiency patients, So, what are they?

1. Water: The metabolic waste in urine of patients with renal insufficiency is obviously reduced. Only by increasing drinking water can the metabolic products of the day be excreted. If there is no obvious edema, we should drink more water.

2. Salt: The amount of salt should depend on the condition of the disease. If there is hypertension or edema, a low-salt diet should be used. If polyuria occurs, the amount of sodium lost in the daily urine should be calculated and quantified as appropriate.

3. Calorie: While taking a low-protein diet, it is also necessary to supplement energy. It is mainly supplied by sugar. It can eat fruits, sucrose products, chocolate, jam, honey and so on. Fat can also provide some calories without restriction on vegetable oil.

4. Protein: In order to alleviate the workload of the remaining healthy kidney units, patients'protein intake should be reduced according to the degree of renal dysfunction.

5. Phosphorus: Although some foods meet the above requirements, such as egg yolk, meat floss, animal viscera, dairy products, bone marrow and so on, they are not suitable for consumption because of the high content of phosphorus, because the retention of phosphorus can further deteriorate the function of kidneys. In order to reduce the phosphorus content in food, fish, meat and potatoes should be boiled before further cooking.

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