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Can Horseradish Help Treat Chronic Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-19 10:50

Can Horseradish Help Treat Chronic Kidney DiseaseHorseradish is one ancient plant that has many medicinal properties. Some of these properties are helpful for Chronic Kidney Disease patients. If used correct, kidney patients can get many benefits from horseradish.

Kidney disease and patients’ overall health condition

When kidneys fail to work properly, extra fluid, waste products and toxins will build up in the blood, blood pressure increases and many other problems appear. In this case, well control of these symptoms and complications can help slow the progress of kidney disease largely. Horseradish just can do a lot for this. Read on to find out the health benefits of horseradish for kidney patients.

If you have high blood pressure, you can try horseradish.

This plant has an obvious effect of expanding blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity and improve blood microcirculation. These effects just determine horseradish can help reduce high blood pressure. For people with kidney disease, high blood pressure is one big risk that can cause further kidney damage and worsen patients’ illness condition largely.

If you have fluid retention, you can try horseradish.

From the above content, we have known fluid retains in the body gradually along with the decline of kidney function level. If you find swelling in your legs, feet, hands, ankles or other regions, it means fluid retains in these organs. Horseradish has detoxification property that means it is able to help remove both toxins and fluid from the body. Therefore, it can help ease patients’ swelling.

If you have urinary tract infections, you can try horseradish.

Diseased kidneys can lower patients’ immunity largely. Besides, the use of steroids and immunosuppressants are also reasons for kidney patients’ low immunity. If you are prone to getting infections, horseradish with the antibiotic property can help you fight against bacterial infections.

Besides, horseradish also has some other benefits. However, it doesn’t mean all kidney disease patients can use this plant. If taken blindly, it may cause some side effects. Therefore, you are recommended to use it with online doctor’s guidance.


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