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Herbal Medicine to Treat Bilateral Renal Parenchymal Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-15 15:11

Herbal Medicine to Treat Bilateral Renal Parenchymal DiseaseBilateral renal parenchymal disease refers to abnormal changes appearing in both of renal parenchyma. Renal parenchyma consists of kidney functioning tissues. When it is damaged, a number of herbal medicines may be helpful to treat it.

Symptoms or signs of renal parenchymal disease

Within renal parenchyma, glomeruli are responsible for filtering out waste products, toxins and extra fluid, and healthy renal tubules can help maintain electrolyte balance and reabsorb useful substances from crude urine. As they fail, many symptoms or signs will appear.

● Fluid retention in legs, ankles, feet, face or other regions

● Foam in urine that may be an indicator of proteinuria

● The color of your urine becomes red, brown or tea-color, because there are red blood cells in urine

● High blood pressure

● Renal anemia, because of iron deficiency or lack of EPO

● Pain in back, flank or abdomen

All of the above symptoms may reveal the onset of bilateral renal parenchymal disease. If you have them, you should take a detailed examination to make an accurate diagnosis and detect the underlying causes. According to your diagnosis, doctors can prescribe you some herbal medicines to reverse your disease.

Herbal medicines to treat bilateral renal parenchymal disease

Many herbal medicines can help treat this type of kidney disease, such as cordyceps sinensis, rheum officinale, astragalus, etc. The correct combination of these medicines can help achieve the following therapeutic effects:

1. Prevent kidney condition from worsening: Proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure, anemia, etc, all can cause further kidney damage, if left alone. Some herbal medicines can help manage these symptoms and improve renal parenchymal disease patients’ overall health.

2. Protect remaining kidney function: With bilateral renal parenchymal disease, some kidney inherent cells are healthy, some are just damaged, but some others are necrotic. Only if remaining kidney functioning cells are survived can patients’ kidney condition stop aggravating.

3. Repair damaged kidney cells: A lot of herbal medicines have a strong repairing ability. With enough nutrition and increased self-curative ability, damaged but not necrotic cells can recover to work.

Because of the above effects, these medicines can treat bilateral renal parenchymal disease from the root and patients can live a relatively normal life just like general population.


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