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How to Alleviate Side Effects of Dialysis for CKD Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-07-04 15:43

How to Alleviate Side Effects of Dialysis for CKD Patients"Sir, I want to know that my mom is suffering from swelling of face. she is suffering from low blood pressure and little back pain. Someone told that it may cause due to kidney problem, so I want to know about it.”

There are many CKD patients complained about edema, backache, short of breath and so on. if you have any question, please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR .

There are some methods such as hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. peritoneal dialysis is the use of peritoneal as a semi-permeable membrane, using gravity to employ good dialysis fluid by catheter into peritoneal cavity of patients, so that in peritoneal solute concentration TiDuCha exist on both sides, the solute on one side of the high concentration to low concentration on one side of the mobile (diffuse effect); Water is moving from one side of lateral high permeability of low permeability (osmosis). Through the peritoneal dialysis fluid change constantly, in order to achieve metabolites, toxic substances in clear and correct water and electrolyte balance disorder.`they may alleviate patients’ pain but they have some side effect for patients.

How to alleviate side effects of dialysis for CKD patients?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can relieve patients’ pain effectively and help them recover gradually. It can expend blood vessels, it has the function of anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing, degrading extra cellular matrix, blocking the kidney damage ways and improving the GFR, which includes many steps such as foot bath, medical bath. It can alleviate the symptoms. It can reduce high creatinine and BUN and improve patients’ recover.

If you have any question about our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy please email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com or leave message for us. Our professional experts will give you guidance as soon as possible.


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