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How to Treat Edema for CKD 4 Patients Well?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-04-14 17:36

How to treat Edema for CKD 4 patients well?How to treat edema for CKD 4 patients well? Many CKD patients had suffered from serious proteinuria and swelling. Such as legs edema, feet edema, face edema and eyelid edema. Why people get the disease and how to treat it with effective ways? If you have any question please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR directly for free.

First of all, why they got the disease and what should be pay attention to for CKD patients?

The kidney filter has the function of filtering out extra fluid and waste products, keeping beneficial nutrition within blood. CKD means that glomeruli can not work well to lead fluid and sodium maintaining certain area that legs, ankles, feet and etc. the worst thing is that a large of protein leaked from the blood into the body and lead to low plasma osmotic pressure.

First of all, patients try to keep healthy diet plan as much as possible.

Restrict the intake of fluid and sodium, develop a low-protein diet but enough high-quality protein, take in enough omega fatty acid that can help protect kidney function, eat some foods that have the effect of diuretics, including cranberries, onion, blueberries, etc.

Hot compress therapy, Hot compress therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Cycle Therapy are good for CKD patients in the disease of root.

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