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How to Treat the CKD with Natural Treatment?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-04-12 15:41

How to treat the CKD with natural treatment?How to treat the CKD with natural treatment? There are many patients have backache, tired, swelling and high creatinine and other symptoms. It is difficult to cure CKD completely that people once get this disease. It is possible that prevent the chronic kidney disease conditions aggravating continually in the CKD early stage. If you have any question please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR for free.

Chronic kidney disease is a progressive loss in renal function over a period of months or years. It is classified into five stages, with stage 1 being the mildest and usually causing few symptoms and stage 5 being a severe illness with poor life expectancy if untreated. In these several stages, Stage 4 is not a special period that is just worse than other stages.

we should strengthen prevention and treatment. It is need that patients should know themselves’ clearly, such as chronic nephritis and its risk factors (proteinuria, high blood pressure). They also should take measures to cure the disease effectively for the potential disease such as diabetes, gout and high blood pressure.

Finally, we take measures to slow down the deterioration of disease. In the whole course of treatment, we will use our characteristic Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to relieve patients’ pain. This therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in which different herbal medicines are used externally to treat kidney disease. Compared with conventional therapies, Micro-Chinese Medicine is easy to handle. Of course we will also use the western medicine to make perfect therapeutic effect.

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