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How to Deal with Edema and High Creatinine for CKD Stage 4 Patients Apart From Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-03-08 14:28

How to Treat Edema and Itching for CKD Stage 4 Patients?“My legs are getting swollen in the day time and become normal during night. What would be the problem? I am 47 male and BP and sugar levels are under control with 120/80 and fbs100 and plbs 115. No the swelling is only one leg below the knee.” This is a patient case.  How to deal with Edema and high Creatinine for CKD Stage 4 Patients Apart From Dialysis?

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There are common symptoms such as Edema and high creatinine level for CKD patients. Patients’ GFR is also abnormal and influence their life quality, causing much protein leak out and swelling. Don not worry about your illness and you can try this effective treatment.

Creatinine is a kind of waste products of muscle tissue and it should be excreted out of body by the glomerular filtration. It is related to patient’s GFR closely (Glomerular Filtration Rate). When patient’s GFR drops into normal 1/3, patient’s disease condition is not well.

There are many patients feel legs edema, eyes edema and so on. Dialysis can alleviate some symptoms but not to cure completely.

We hospital use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treating patients’ illness.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of therapies in TCM Therapy. It is a typical conservative therapy, which has little side effects to remedy patient’s renal damage. These medicines are decocted soups. And then dressing gauze will be soaked in soups and be put on patient’s renal acupoints. Medicine will spill over into lesions, control inflammatory response and dilate their blood vessels properly. So it plays an important role in relieving hypertension and delay the progression of kidney disease. Accelerated blood circulation can reduce the water retention effectively and ease the edema and decrease high creatinine.

Based on your detailed disease condition, our doctor will apply the different methods, medicines and doses to treat and solve your problems. Any problems or doubts about your own or our therapies, please

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