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Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Stage 4 Treatment

The purpose of Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4 treatment is to protect remaining kidney function and treat CKD stage 4 patients’complications.

Can Cyclophosphamide Cure Kidney Diseases 4 Stage

Among all kinds of drugs for Kidney Diseases, there is a drug that kills human immune cells, called cytotoxic drugs. Today we are talking about a cytotoxic drug, cyclophosphamide. ...

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How To Help Serious Creatinine 580 In CKD 4 Avoid Dialysis

Some patients consult our ONLINE DOCTOR that why they enter into CKD 4 stage suddenly? Is Creatinine 580 serious? Is it possible to avoid Dialysis? And how? ...

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What Is The Life Expectancy Of Creatinine 6.6 In CKD Stage 4

Is it creatinine 6.6 in CKD stage 4? How long can i live? Must i take dialysis? How about chinese herbal medicines on treating my disease? One patient consulted our ONLINE DOCTOR the questions. Here we will give one part of the information. ...

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Can Creatinine 3.6 Be Reduced To Normal Level With Chinese Herbal Medicines

Hi, doctor, i am a diabetic nephropathy patient with creatinine 3.6. i knew that chinese herbal medicines are useful to treat kidney disease. Is it really? Can creatinine 3.6 be reduced to normal level with chinese herbal medicines? Followin...

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Doctors Saying That My Kidney 70% Damaged Can It Be Recovered

Last week, i went to hospital, i was diagnosed as CKD, my kidney 70% damaged, can i be recovered? Following this article to know what medicines can repair damaged kidney, and whether 30% kidney functions can be recovered. ...

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Stage 4 Of Renal Impairment With Creatinine 6.9: Is It Possible To Improve Renal Function

In general terms, the situation of patients in renal failure Stage 4 will have some changes in the Kidney and body. Low kidney functions, high creatinine level, complications of kidney disease, etc. ...

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My Mother Is Kidney Petition Her Creatinine 5.8, Please Guide What I Can Do

“Hi, doctor, my mother is kidney petition her Creatinine 5.8, please guide what i can do”? One person consulted our ONLINE DOCTOR this question in the morning. Before i give this answer that i will tell some problems following: what is K...

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Stage 4 CKD: Is It Possible To Cure Or Need A Kidney Transplant

Chronic renal failure refers to the kidney disease with reduced renal function gradually. On the basis of the GFR, GFR can be divided into 5 stages. And Stage 4 means that the kidneys are damaged seriously with GFR 15-29 ml/min. Is it possib...

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4 Stage Chronic Kidney Disease With Creatinine 7.1 Is The Time To Take Dialysis

4 stage chronic kidney disease with creatinine 7.1 is the time to take dialysis? In fact, in most conditions, patients are in low GFR 10 and serious complications that doctor will recommend dialysis....

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How to Control Urea 300, Creatinine 5.2, And Edema on Leg And Face

Both Urea and creatine should be filtered exclusively by the kidneys, but they become abnormal levels due to kidney damage. Edema is also one of commom symptoms of CKD. If so, how to control urea 300, creatinine 5.2, and edema on leg and fac...

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