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Top 7 Symptoms of CKD Stage 4

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-02 17:04

Top 7 Symptoms of CKD Stage 4In CKD stage 4, the kidney function is severely decreased and the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is falling to 15-30ml/min. Because of the severe reduction of kidney function, people in stage 4 may have systemic symptoms.

Person with CKD stage 4 may have symptoms as follows:


Feeling tired is common for people with CKD and it’s the resulting symptom from anemia in stage 4.

2.Too much fluid

The severe reduced kidney function can’t excrete the fluid in the body, so too much fluid accumulates in the body and blood. The result is edema in different parts of your body, such as eyelid, lower legs and hands.

3.Urination changes

The urination changes are obvious symptoms for people in CKD stage 4. People may have bubble urine or blood urine and they may have more or less urine or they may have frequent urination at night.

4.Kidney pain

Most people will not feel painful about the kidneys, but the person with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) or infections will have back pain.

5. Sleep problems

People in CKD stage 4 may have trouble in falling asleep because of the itching, muscle cramps or restless legs.

6.Nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite

In CKD stage 4, kidney function decreases severely. People may have a series of complications, such as anemia, edema and gastrointestinal disease. These diseases may cause symptoms of nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite.

7.Nerve problems

Person with CKD stage 4 may have numbness or tingling in toes or fingers.

In CKD stage 4, people should pay more attention to their illness. Your damaged kidney can’t bear more hurt. You need to recognise the ponderance of your disease, and have positive treatments. You should follow the advices of your doctor, and choose suitable treatments for yourself. The best you can do is preventing the progression of kidney function reduction and protecting the remaining kidney function.



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