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Why Patients Feel Tired In Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-08 13:55

Why Patients Feel Tired In Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4Patients in chronic kidney disease stage 4 have a severe decrease of kidney function and the GFR is 15-30ml/min. Patients may have a series of symptoms like high blood pressure, urine changes, weakness and tiredness,etc. Recently, some people mail to ask us why patients feel tired in chronic kidney disease stage 4? So, I think it’s necessary for patients to have a better understanding about their tiredness.

Why do patients feel tired in chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 4?

A common cause of tiredness for patients in CKD stage 4 is anemia. Because of the severe damage of kidney, most of its function is reduced. Kidney can excrete hormones, and hemopoietin is very important for the excretion of red cells. With the impaired kidney function, the excretion of hemopoietin is also damaged. Thereby, patients in CKD stage 4 will have a shortage of red cells, this is also known as anemia. In addition, because of the decreased GFR, the wastes in blood can’t be filtered out. They will accumulated in blood, and some toxins can inhibit the hematopoietic function of marrow. This can also lead to anemia.

People with anemia will have symptoms like fatigue, pale sick, a fast or irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, cognitive problems, cold hands and feet and headache. From these explains, I hope that patients with CKD stage 4 will know exactly about their tiredness.

What can CKD stage 4 patients do to releve their tiredness?

If patients in CKD stage 4 want to improve their illness about tiredness, they should treat their anemia. They may need to inject hemopoietin, chalybeate,folic acid, etc. Meanwhile, they should also plan for a diet depending on the advices of their doctors. They can eat some foods to releve their anemia, such as red meat, egg yolks, dark, leaf greens, dried fruit (prunes, raisins), iron-enriched cereals and grains, mollusks, beans, lentils,chick peas and soybeans. Before they take these foods, they should ask their doctor first. They should also follow the basic aspects including: proper high quality intake and the intake of sodium, calory, calcium and potassium. These are important for their health.

Treatments for anemia can only improve their symptom of tiredness. The root of patients’ problem is kidney damage. They should improve their condition fundamentally and improve their kidney function effectively. They should change their diet and lifestyle, and they should also have treatments timely.


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