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How to Overcome Fatigue with Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-21 16:14

How to Overcome Fatigue with Stage 4 Kidney DiseaseMany stage 4 kidney disease patients complain about fatigue. It makes you lack motivation and energy. This may affect your life quality. How to overcome fatigue with stage 4 kidney disease?

What causes fatigue for people with stage 4 kidney disease?


Due to kidney function impairment, kidney can not excrete enough erythropoietin. And due to the accumulated wastes and toxins, the life span of red blood cells shorten. These two reasons contribute to anemia. As a result, the ability of your blood to deliver oxygen to the brain, heart, muscles and other tissues drops. This means less energy is available to these organs, and you perceive this as fatigue.

-Poor sleeping quality

The building up of wastes in your body, restless leg syndrome, frequent urination at night and so on may influence your sleeping quality and make you feel tired.

-Improper diet

Almost kidney disease patients have a restricted diet plan. If you can not deal with your diet well, you may suffer from malnutrition, which may cause fatigue as well.

How to overcome fatigue?

-Improve anemia

Suppling erythropoietin and iron supplement may help improve your anemia.

-Have a good rest

You may adjust your resting time to reduce the fatigue.

-Healthy diet

A healthy diet includes low but high quality protein, low sodium diet, high vitamin diet and high fiber diet and so on. You had better talk with your dietitian to make a detailed diet plan.


Proper exercise can also improve your fatigue. The aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, yoga, and tai chi are all beneficial.

-Improve kidney function

To sum up, fatigue is caused by kidney damage. Improving kidney function can help you get rid of fatigue. Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy is to improve your kidney function through various therapies, such as enema therapy, hot compress therapy and stem cell therapy. They can cleanse the wastes from your body and repair your damage kidneys. You can benefit a lot from 7-10 days treatment.

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