Three Signs Mean Kidney Disease Aggravation, Do You Have Them

2017-06-17 15:08

Three Signs Mean Kidney Disease Aggravation, Do You Have ThemHow much you know about your illness condition? There are so many patients with CKD do not clear whether their condition is relieved or worsened during the treatment. We share three signs in the following and if you have them, it means your condition is worsened.

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One: Anemia, nausea and vomiting

Our kidney can not only discharge the metabolic wastes from the body, but also excrete erythropoietin. As for Kidney Disease patients, their kidneys are damaged, hematopoietic system will disorder so that affect erythropoietin excretion causing anemia symptom.

Besides, aggravated kidney disease will also cause nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning. With the damaged kidney, the function of urine concentration will decline to increase urine output at night, so that the body’s water loss a lot and blood concentration occurs. Therefore, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) level will be higher relatively in the morning, that is, High BUN Level, causing nausea and vomiting easily.

Two: Abnormal urinate volume

Healthy people urinate about 6 to 8 times a day, totally 1500 to 2000ml. If urination times and urinate volume are too much or too less, you should pay highly attention to it.

When kidney disease is worsened, kidney filtration function will decline, the permeability decline, blood flow volume reduce, and renal parenchyma ischemia to increase the excretion of renin. Through the function of rennin- angiotensin, adrenal cortex will secrete too many aldosterone. In this case, the reabsorption of water and salt in renal tubule will increase, causing water retention and abnormal urinate volume.

Three: Gout and hyperuricemia and other diseases.

Gout and hyperuricemia are caused by excess uric acid in blood. Long-term high uric acid may cause uric acid crystal and urate crystal deposition in renal pelvis, ureter or renal tubule and renal interstitium. In this case, renal tubule epithelial cells will shrink and degenerate and renal tubule function will be damaged. Besides, high uric acid will also cause Kidney Stone

Kidney function will decline as age, especially for patients who often take medicines. Thus, in order to avoid Kidney Failure or Kidney Dialysis, you need to take proper and timely treatments as soon as possible. If you have any problem, please leave message below or email to us.

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