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How Do CKD patients Increase the Protein

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-14 09:14

How Do CKD patients Increase the Protein For CKD patients,leakage of massive proteinuria may reduce the resistance and immunity,which may deteriorate the Kidney Disease. But it seems so difficult to CKD patients because most of patients are asked to take a low protein intake. So how do patients increase the protein?

Owing to damaged kidneys,glomerulus can not filtrate the protein effectively. What’s more,tubular resorption is effected badly and it can not reabsorb the protein. Thus as the time and disease deteriorate,the leakage of protein will become worse and worse. Massive proteinuria will accelerate the renal damage and cause the glomerular sclerosis and increase the tubular damage.

Besides,massive proteinuria may also lead to hypoproteinemia that may influence the resistance seriously. However,most patients may be confused that their doctor advise them to take a low intake of protein. But why? And how can patients get enough protein to keep healthy?

It is necessary for patients to increase he protein. But not all kinds of protein. A high quality protein is beneficial for patients condition. Such as the lean meat,milk and eggs. Nevertheless,the specific intake of protein should be limited strictly for CKD patients who have no dialysis.0.6g/kg to one patients per day. It should be controlled strictly to avoid the deterioration of kidney disease. Because the too much intake of protein may increase the renal burden and worsen the patients condition. Vegetable protein is forbidden to take to reduce the kidney damage.

Case is opposite for patients who take dialysis. The protein can be provided more for them. 1g/kg of protein every day is appropriate to dialysis patients. Or the quantity of protein can be more. Accordingly the creatinine may be also increased at this time.

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