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Can CKD Patient Drink Watermelon Juice

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-06 09:00

Can CKD Patient Drink Watermelon JuiceCan people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) drink watermelon juice? One patient with creatinine 5.7 and BUN 55 raises this question in our message board below. Since many other patients also have this doubt, we give out the answer here.

If patients have chronic glomerulonephritis, watermelon juice can help slow the progression of kidney disease. Glomerulonephritis usually results from inflammatory reactions within glomeruli, while potassium has certain effect of alleviating inflammatory reactions. Therefore, watermelon juice can help treat glomerulonephritis.

If patients have high blood pressure, watermelon juice is one good drink. Citrulline and arginine in watermelon can increase the formation of urea in liver so as to raise urine output. Meanwhile, extra fluid and sodium can be eliminated out of the body for lowering high blood pressure. In addition, watermelon seed contains a soap sample composition that also has an effect of lowering high blood pressure.

If patients have anemia, try to drink correct amount of watermelon juice. When kidneys fail to work, they can’t produce enough erythropoietin (EPO) and the body can’t produce enough red blood cells. Besides, the build up of toxins will shorten the life span of red blood cells. Therefore, renal anemia occurs easily. Watermelon juice can help eliminate toxins and supplement iron so that it can help treat anemia.

Even though watermelon juice can bring so many health benefits for kidney disease, it doesn’t mean all kidney disease patients can drink watermelon juice. If patients’ kidney disease is due to diabetes or they have high potassium level, they must limit their intake of watermelon and watermelon juice.

From this analysis, we can know whether CKD patients can drink watermelon juice is determined by patients’ illness condition. To know how much you can drink it one day, you had better tell the doctor online your medical condition and then he can give you the answer.


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