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What Diet Should CKD Stage 4 Patients Pay Attention To

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-02 16:35

What Diet Should CKD Stage 4 Patients Pay Attention To  Chronic kidney disease is a gradually reduction of kidney function. Depending on glomerular filtration rate, chronic kidney disease can be divided into 5 stages. CKD stage 4 is the last section before dialysis, so its treatment is particularly important for the patients. For CKD stage 4 patients, medical treatment is necessary, but if they want to receive more satisfactory treatment effects, diet changes are also needed.

What diet should CKD stage 4 patients pay attention to?

1.People should keep a light diet. Don’t eat too much greasy or spicy foods. Fry foods should be limited.

2. People should keep high-quality protein intake. High-quality protein foods include lean meat, chicken, fish, egg white and milk. The amount of protein intake should be limited for CKD stage 4 patients. The acceptable daily intake is 0.6g/kg body weight everyday. You can ask your doctor or nutritionist for help to calculate daily protein intake.

3.Person with CKD stage 4 should keep enough calory for body consumption. People with no diabetes can eat wheat starch foods, but diabetes patients should limit the intake of sugar, honey and sugared beverages

4.You can eat some fruits to supplement vitamins, but you can’t eat carambola. Fruits like mango, pineapple, litchi, longan should be eaten less than 200g everyday. Don’t eat fruits instantly after your dinner, you’d better eat 2 hours later after a meal.

5.Patients with hyperuricemia in CKD stage 4 should limit the intake of purine. Don’t eat puree, marine products and beer, which contain high purine.

6.The intake of high potassium foods are depending on the result of Serum electrolyte examination. Because serum potassium excretion of renal failure people is lower than that of normal people, so they should reduce the intake of high potassium foods such as banana, orange, agaric and mushroom.

7.For people with high serum phosphorus level, you ‘d better limit high phosphorus foods intake. High phosphorus foods are yolk, beans, tea, animal giblets, mushroom and oats.

8.patients with edema ,high blood pressure and less urination should limit salt intake. Edema patients should control fluid intake strictly. Don’t eat milk, fruits, porridge and soup, which contain too much fluid.

CKD stage 4 is an important stage for patients. If patients have treatments timely and keep strict diet, their illness can be controlled effectively. It will delay the time that their kidney disease developing into CKD stage 5.



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