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CKD Patients Should Take Walking to Improve Their Life

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-05-28 15:59

CKD Patients Should Take Walking to Improve Their LifeCKD,called Chronic Kidney Disease,is regarded as the “Silent Killer” due to the high death rate caused by it. Actually,it has estimated to affect around 26 million adults in the US. However,a new research suggests that walking more can help CKD patients reduce the need for a Kidney Transplant or Kidney Dialysis and prolong their life. Here the article will offer more details about this which may can help you. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more information directly and quickly for free.

CKD is defined as a gradual loss of kidney function. As the disease becomes more various,patients’ kidneys can not remove the waste and excess water for their body,which may cause many other healthy problems,such as high blood pressure,anemia,nerve damage and poor nutritional health. When it is worse,patients have to take dialysis or Kidney transplant to maintain their life.

Almost all CKD patients can often experience fatigue and lack of energy,which,in turn,can reduce their levels of physical activity. But the the latest study verified that walking once a week for 30 minutes is beneficial for their disease condition.

In fact,more walking patients did, the less likely they were to die. It is closely related to the improved patient survival and a lower risk of dialysis. A minimal amount of walking - just once a week for less than 30 minutes - appears to be beneficial, but more frequent and longer walking may provide a more beneficial effect.

Through walking,patients’ body resistance will be improved gradually,which can help them reduce the infections. So it is recommended that CKD patients to take proper walking or exercise to protect their health.

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