Best Treatment to Reverse Stage 3B Kidney Disease

2014-02-15 11:20

Best Treatment to Reverse Stage 3B Kidney DiseaseStage 3 kidney disease is the moderate stage of chronic kidney disease. To guide doctors for determining their treatment plan correctly, kidney experts also divided stage 3 kidney disease into stage 3a and stage 3b more accurately. Of course, stage 3b is more serious than 3a, so we prefer to firstly introduce the best treatment to reverse stage 3b kidney disease.

What is stage 3b kidney disease?

All stages of kidney disease are distinguished by GFR level, which is one clinical test for showing how well kidneys are functioning. Normally, glomeruli filter out more than 90 ml of blood every minute. Stage 3b kidney disease describes that kidneys are only functioning between 30 to 44 ml/min/1.73m2. Since GFR is less than 50 ml/min, some evidences of chronic kidney disease appear that reminds of the onset of stage 3b kidney disease.

What is the best treatment to reverse stage 3b kidney disease?

We know, our kidneys are remarkable excretory organs, and the biggest function of kidneys are to cleanse blood and produce urine. If more than 50% kidney function is lost, polluted blood with high creatinine, BUN, uric acid and some other toxins will provoke the aggravation of kidney condition and overall health condition. Then, kidney disease progresses continuously. Therefore, the best treatment should be able to both cleanse polluted blood and reverse kidney damage. From this point, we would like to introduce Polluted Blood Therapy, also called Blood Pollution Therapy, which consists of three steps.

Step 1: Purify blood with effective methods repeatedly. We know some Chinese medicines have the property of activating blood and removing stasis. With these medicines and various blood purification methods like plasma exchange, nearly all of waste products and toxins can be eliminated from the blood.

Step 2: Supplement essential nutritions to blood. The first step can return a clean internal environment, but some essential nutritions are lost in the above methods. Therefore, the second step focuses on adding essential nutritions to blood. Then, blood circulation can recover gradually.

Step 3: Reserve stage 3b kidney disease radically. The former two steps can guarantee enough blood and oxygen provided for damaged kidney cells. In the third step, medicines which have effect on prompting damaged cells’ self-healing system are applied, so damaged kidney cells can become relatively normal after treatment. Finally, the progress of stage 3b kidney disease can be stopped successfully.

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