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3 Tips Help Proteinuria In CKD 3 Stage Stop To CKD 5

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2019-03-22 13:28

CKD 3 Stage,CKD 5,Help ProteinuriaIn fact, Kidney Disease, like diabetes and hypertension, is a chronic disease. Its pathogenesis is complex and its diagnosis is difficult. It can be controlled by drug treatment. It will not pose a great threat to life and health. Most patients can live like normal people.

So how can chronic kidney disease avoid developing into uremia?

The key lies in three aspects:

1. Early treatment-the key to delaying renal function

Nephropathy, like most chronic diseases, becomes more and more serious over time. Because long-term destruction of the kidney structure will not only cause the decline of renal function, but also endanger other organs, resulting in a variety of complications, including cardiovascular damage, liver function damage, electrolyte disorders, and so on. The "collective outbreak" of many diseases will not only increase the difficulty of treatment, but also directly endanger life. Therefore, nephropathy must be treated, and the best time to reverse renal function is in the early stage.

Early treatment mainly includes several aspects, early diagnosis, more pathological types of nephropathy, timely diagnosis helps to treat more accurately. Membranous nephropathy, for example, can be diagnosed by examining anti-phospholipase A2 receptor antibodies, and then by identifying the damaged parts of the kidney, including glomeruli, tubules, and nephron, which is more conducive to targeted treatment, personalized programs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Second morning medication.

Common early symptoms of nephropathy include proteinuria, edema and occult blood. Protein-lowering is the key point of nephropathy treatment, and hormones are commonly used. The question of when to use hormones is always a concern of Kidney Friends. Generally, it is unnecessary to use hormones for 24-hour urinary protein quantification below 1G. Specific criteria for different pathological types of nephropathy are slightly different. Three early discoveries.

In the course of treatment, nephrophiles will also have different conditions, such as hypertension, glomerular filtration rate decline, which can be detected early through examination. Therefore, it is necessary for nephrophiles to periodically review in order to prevent the deterioration of renal function.

2. Reducing kidney burden

Kidney friends should remember to follow the doctor's instructions, do not unauthorized increase or decrease drugs, change drugs, avoid contact with nephrotoxic drugs. Diet should follow the "low salt, high quality and low protein diet", and adjust diet according to the changes of the disease, such as low phosphorus diet, low potassium diet; and some kidney injury habits should be changed, such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, not exercising, and so on. Attaching importance to the maintenance of kidney can provide protection for the treatment of nephropathy, reduce the burden of kidney and provide a better environment for the recovery of renal function.

3. Early Check-up -- "Safeguard Power" for Kidney

Some nephropathy patients only pay attention to treatment, but ignore examination. Whether the renal function is restored and whether the condition is improved is not only observed by the patient's condition, but also monitored by comprehensive indicators. For example, serum creatinine, proteinuria, hypertension, blood potassium and so on. Therefore, in addition to feeling good about themselves, kidney friends must insist on regular review. To avoid missing the signal of recurrence of kidney disease, leading to aggravation of the disease, do not leave opportunities for renal failure. The review items include urinary routine, blood routine and renal function, which can monitor the condition of renal function in an all-round way.

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