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How To Stop Creatinine 4.3 In CKD 3 To End Stage Renal Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-11-22 09:09

End Stage Renal Disease,Stop Creatinine 4.3Creatinine 4.3 indicates that the severity of the kidney is very serious. It must be treated promptly and effectively. Otherwise, the kidney will continue to develop and eventually develop to the late stage of uremia and the scarring stage of the kidney.

During the period of renal function injury, due to the continuous damage of kidney, the function of excretion waste has been reduced, which results in the accumulation of creatinine and other toxins in the body, resulting in the rise of serum creatinine, accompanied by the increase of urea nitrogen, the filtration rate of both kidneys will decrease correspondingly, and patients will also have high blood pressure and edema.

The root cause of high creatinine is also the damage to the kidneys. How to fundamentally reduce creatinine, it is natural to start with the kidney of the kidney.

Clinically, especially in the early stage of uremia patients with nephropathy, can not rely solely on Western medicine for treatment, Chinese medicine from the onset of basic treatment, can prevent the damage of spread in kidneys.

Traditional Chinese medicine therapy can remove immune complexes and pathological tissues which lead to damage of glomerular basement membrane, and repair glomerular basement membrane at the same time. As long as the damaged basement membrane is repaired, the kidney structure is changed and the glomerular filtration area is enlarged, the condition of high creatinine will naturally be improved. But improving the condition of creatinine needs a process. Patients should not be impatient. At the same time, we must prevent colds, control diet and mood, do not tired, control blood pressure, blood sugar and other factors, to protect the residual renal function.

So Traditional Chinese herbal medicines can stop creatinine 4.3 in CKD 3 to End Stage Renal Disease effectively with controlled illness conditions.

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