Once Kidney Stops Working, What Will Happen

2017-06-05 10:21

Once Kidney Stops Working, What Will Happen,Toxin-Removing TreatmentAre you thinking about the question: Once kidney stop working, what will happen? As a Chronic Kidney Disease patient, you need to have fully preparation in advance. That is, you need to take treatment timely to protect kidney function.

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Here we list some situations may appear.

1. You will have no urine output.

In general, the glomeruli filter the extra wastes and toxins into renal capsule, such as urea acid, creatinine, fluid, glucose and others and then renal tubular will reabsorb glucose, fluid, and inorganic salt into blood. The residual thing is urine. However, once kidney stops working, no matter how much you drink, you will not produce urine. Swelling may be caused.

2. You will have hypertension.

The smooth level of renal arterioles will affect your blood pressure directly. Hypertension will cause renal damage, and in turn, renal damage will lead to renal hypertension again. If your kidneys quit working, blood can not go through your kidneys. Then your blood pressure will elevate.

3. Your blood will be polluted.

The major function of your kidney is to purify your blood. Kidneys can excrete virus, bacteria, other wastes and toxins out of your body to keep your blood clean and give your normal blood circulation. When your kidneys stop working, these wastes will build up in your blood. Your blood will become very dirty. High Creatinine Level, and High BUN Level will appear.

How to protect kidney from stopping working?

If you want to protect kidney from stopping working, you need to take treatments to repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function.

In China, Toxin-Removing Therapy is strongly recommended to you. It is invented by dozens of Chinese experts through years of clinical experience and researches. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine so that it is safe and natural for patients who do not need to worry about its side effects. This systemic treatment can not only cleanse the polluted blood but also repair kidney lesion as well as improve renal function. In this way, with the improved kidney function, high blood pressure will be controlled well and you can also produce urine, thus high creatinine level and other abnormal symptoms like Proteinuria and swelling can be relieved naturally.

Although as a kidney disease patient also can live a happy life without repeated condition. If you want to save your kidney function and avoid Kidney Dialysis or Kidney Transplant, you can try Chinese toxin-removing treatment. Welcome to consult us freely and directly.

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