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Unique Toxin-Removing Treatment for CKD Patients in China

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-05-22 10:24

Unique Toxin-Removing Treatment for CKD Patients in ChinaUp to now, increasing numbers of people who have CKD go abroad to China for unique Toxin-Removing Treatment. What is the reason? That is because no effective and personalized treatment in their own countries for CKD.

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First, what are the functions of Toxin-Removing Treatment?

This therapy is invented based on TCM, which is a collective term. It assures the Edema disappear and treat Proteinuria becomes negative. It also makes hematuria disappear naturally and controls kidney function from further damage.

Second, what are the characteristics of Toxin-Removing Treatment?

1. The core technique is blood purification and detoxification;

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine oriented and other treatments adjuvant;

3. Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy oriented and externally applied therapies adjuvant;

4. Valuing the blood-activating medicine;

5. Flexible application of collateral-dredging medicine;

6. Skillfully using damp-clearing medicine;

Third, what are the differences between SJZ Kidney Disease Hospital and other hospitals?

1. We master the regularity and characteristics of hematuria, proteinuria and enema from TCM aspect.

2. We have particularity on TCM application.

3. We have originality on prescription design.

All in all, systemic Toxin-Removing Treatment has been proven to be effective and safe for patients and becomes more and more popular.

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