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Kidneys Shut Down: What Can We Do to Repair It

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-06 11:00

Kidneys Shut Down: What Can We Do to Repair ItWhen kidneys shut down and stop filtering out the body’s waste products, more and more symptoms and problems will appear. If uncontrolled timely and effectively, patients have to begin dialysis or do kidney transplant. However, quite a number of kidney patients still hope to live with their own kidney. Is it possible for us to repair kidneys that have shut down?

An overview of kidney function

Kidneys are remarkable excretory organs that have five types of inherent functioning cells: glomerular epithelial cell, glomerular endothelial cell, glomerular mesangial cell, interstitial fibroblasts and renal tubular epithelial cell. The proper work of these cells can guarantee kidneys to cleanse blood, keep electrolyte balance and regulate blood pressure. However, when harmful substances target kidneys, they are more likely to deposit in different renal areas and less blood flows into kidneys. Then, these renal inherent cells are damaged easily. Finally, kidneys shut down.

What can we do to repair kidneys that have shut down?

From the above analysis, we can know what causes healthy kidneys to shut down. To repair damaged kidneys, three points should be achieved.

1. Eliminate harmful substances out

To cleanse blood, you may think of hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, but these methods only can clear small molecular wastes and a part of middle molecular wastes. As for large molecular wastes, they can do nothing. In view of this, we recommend Polluted Blood Therapy. With the help of various blood purification methods and oral medications, this therapy can remove wastes not only in blood vessels but also adhering to vascular walls.

2. Increase the blood flow into kidneys

Some Chinese medicines have the effects of nourishing blood and increasing blood vessels, so they can supply enough nutrition and oxygen for five types of kidney inherent cells. As long as enough blood flows through kidneys, kidneys can filter out more waste products.

3. Prompt the restoration of damaged kidneys

For damaged but not necrotic kidney cells, some therapies such as Hot Compress Therapy and CIK cells may be able to recover them. Once these cells are able to work again, kidney function can be improved largely.

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