How to Prevent CKD Stage 3 from ESRD

2017-03-15 14:30

How to Prevent CKD Stage 3 from ESRDMajority of patients will think that all Chronic Kidney Disease patients will develop to End Stage Renal Disease. Is it the truth? No. How to prevent CKD stage 3 from ESRD? Go on reading to find the answer.

The following are some details that some patients are easy to develop to ESRD.

1. People whose 24h protein urine quantity is more than 1g continuously do not take timely or proper treatment.

When the proteinuria is above 1g in 24h, majority of patients still ignore or just take hormones and immunosuppressive agents despite they are no improvement. You should recognize just western medicines can not repair kidney damage and treat the disease from the root.

2. People who have high blood pressure for a long term.

Chronic Nephritis with high blood pressure indicates the severe illness condition. For patients with high blood pressure, their kidney function is easier to deteriorate.

3. People who have bad renal pathological types.

Relatively bad pathological types include FSGS, Mesangial Proliferative Glomerular Nephritis (MPGN), and Diabetic Nephropathy.

Of course, although some patients with good pathological types, they still will develop to Kidney Failure and some patients with bad pathological types will be OK all life. The key point is you need to choose proper and continuous treatment.

How to prevent CKD stage 3 from ESRD?

1. Choose professional kidney disease hospital.

Due to the complicated pathogenesis of CKD, you should choose professional hospital and doctor for accurate diagnosis and specific treatment.

2. Take timely treatment.

The earlier treatment you take, the easier recovery the kidney disease is. Do not wait until the disease condition deteriorates. In that case, you have no choice but to undergo Dialysis.

3. Keep good habits in daily life.

Healthy and reasonable life style is an important part of treatment. No smoke, no alcohol, low-salt diet, low-potassium diet, etc.

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