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How to Fix Leaking Kidney

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-30 09:11

How to Fix Leaking KidneyIn addition to filtering out wastes in the blood, healthy kidneys are also responsible for keeping useful nutritions like protein remain in the blood. When kidneys can’t play their barrier function normally, some people call them as leaking kidneys. Today, we are here to talk about how to fix leaking kidney.

How to detect kidneys are leaking?

Urine tests can help us find the answer. Normally, for healthy people, the amount of protein in urine is less than 150mg per day, and red blood cell count is less than 3 under every vision of high magnification. If people find there is bubble or blood in their urine, it is more likely to indicate leaking kidneys. In some other cases, patients can’t find urination changes by gross eyes. Here, urine tests can help people detect their kidney problem timely and accurately.

How to fix leaking kidney?

To achieve this goal, the first thing we need to do is to control protein and red blood cell leakage, because they can cause burden on kidney filtering system that can lead to further kidney damage directly. To treat proteinuria and hematuria, ACEI, ARBs, steroids, immunosuppressants, antibiotics, etc, may be needed.

Secondly, some treatments that can help increase the blood flow should be taken. Blood and kidneys have a close link. Healthy kidneys cleanse blood, while blood supplies enough nutrition and oxygen for maintaining kidney cells’ normal function. To fix kidneys, enough blood is necessary. Medicated Bath, Polluted Blood Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, etc, can help achieve this goal, but they are suitable for different patients. Therefore, you had better consult your doctor or the online doctor in detail, before taking any treatment.

Finally, keep a kidney-friendly diet plan and healthy lifestyle. They can assist the whole medical therapy largely. For this reason, remember always make your diet and lifestyle conform to your medical condition. If you have any doubt about how to fix the leaking kidney, you can leave us a message to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com directly.


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