What Medicine Can Be Long-Term Used for Patients with CKD Stage 3

2016-04-30 14:38

What Medicine Can Be Long-Term Used for Patients with CKD Stage 3What medicine can be long- term used for patients with CKD Stage 3? CKD Stage 3 is a vital period for patients, all kinds of symptoms are not very obviously now and kidney damage is not very serious, there still have huge chance to reverse. But most time, people prefer to choose dialysis and western medicine which can not treat it form root and not suitable for long- term use. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why dialysis and western medicine are not suitable for long-term treatment?

The most important reason is that both of them will appear side effects on human bodies. That will damage so many other organs of human bodies, so that will have so many other complications, which will increase illness condition of patients with CKD.

Dialysis and western medicine are keep focus on symptoms which means they can not find out the real reason of illness and treat it in right way. So that for patients with CKD Stage 3, they need some other medicine or treatments to control or reverse it and suitable for long- term use.

What treatments can be took for long-term?

To be honest, if patients want to take medicine and treatments for long time that the most suitable medicine is Chinese medicine and its treatments. Because Chinese medicine uses pure herbal medicine which means it has no side effects and have safe curative effect for CKD Stage 3.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy is a kind of Chinese medicine therapy which has power to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function at the same time through cleaning blood and promoting blood circulation and blood stasis.

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