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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-22 09:13

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Stage 3 Chronic Kidney DiseaseStage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease is the moderate stage of kidney disease. In this situation, a large part of kidney inherent cells can still play their filtration function, so Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which can protect remaining kidney function and repair damaged kidney cells, can help a lot. With effective treatments, it is possible for patients with Stage 3 CKD to stop or at least delay the progress of their illness condition.

Get an overview of TCM for kidney disease

TCM is one ancient healing system originated in China with a history of 5,000 years. Many people think TCM refers to oral herbal medicines that drink quite bitter. In fact, TCM consists of many other treatment options, such as medicated bath, acupuncture, circle therapy, external application herbal medicines, etc. Each of them can bring different benefits for kidney disease patients. According to patients’ illness condition, doctors of TCM will determine which therapy or combination of several therapies are best. (If you are looking for TCM, you can leave the description of your medical condition or test report to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com, so we can give you some personalized advices for free.)

What can Chinese medicine do for Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease?

Different from western medicines, TCM can be used as a long-term therapy and aims to improve patients’ health condition gradually and safely. Generally speaking, TCM can bring the following benefits for these patients:

1. Boost Qi and nourish blood: In the view of TCM, a vital energy or life force in our body is called as Qi, while blood is responsible for providing enough nutrition and oxygen for cells all over the body. This benefit can make kidney disease patients get rid of fatigue and prompt the restoration of damaged kidneys.

2. Lower creatinine and BUN level: Nearly all Stage 3 CKD patients are worried about their high creatinine and BUN level. TCM can help increase urine output, so as to take away more creatinine and urea from the body.

3. Improve kidney function: Through increasing the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells and supplementing them enough blood, TCM does help quite a number of kidney disease patients to improve their kidney function.

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