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How to Treat High Creatinine After Kidney Transplant in CKD 3 Stage

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-01-03 11:25

How to Treat High Creatinine After Kidney Transplant in CKD 3 StageMy father had taken kidney transplant four months. He is CKD 3 stage patient and deteriorating into 4 stage. At the begining, Ring spore concentration is 350, creatinine 118, several days he decreased medicine and Ring spore concentration decreased into 232, creatinine decreased into 93, we confused about creatinine is not keep stable. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

The reasons of high creatinine after kidney transplant?

First and foremost, there are many reasons for creatinine not stable. Some patients are not suitable for taking kidney transplant because they may got other diseases and influenced their life after kidney tansplant. So they had better take complete test for health.

And then, they may ate too much western medicine and did not as doctor’s demanding.

In addition, there is other treatment for CKD patietns.

You may choose effective treatment of TCM(Traditional Chineses Medicine), which is one breakthrough of TCM but also absorbs the essence of western medicines, so it can not only ease patients’ symptoms, such as lowering high creatinine level and alleviating proteinuria, but also repair damaged tiny kidney filters. When these kidney filters are repaired, it means patients’ illness condition is reversed successfully.

To get a more detailed and systemic treatment plan, you can ask help from kidney experts. Remember that many kidney experts are always here to give you biggest help.

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