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What Antibiotics Are Safe to Take with CKD Stage 3

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-16 09:47

What Antibiotics Are Safe to Take with CKD Stage 3What antibiotics are safe to take with CKD Stage 3? In CKD Stage 3, kidneys only have 30%-59% of function so that extra waste products and toxins begin to accumulate in the blood. This can disturb patients’ immune system, resulting in low immunity. In this case, chronic kidney disease patients may suffer from various problems. To manage some of them, antibiotics may be used.

When are antibiotics recommended for patients with CKD Stage 3?

Because of low immunity, kidney disease patients are at risk of the following problems. If you have one or more symptoms, you may need antibiotics.

- Nausea and vomiting

- Cold, fever or chill

- Skin rash

- Full stomach or stomach pain

- Redness, swelling, heat and pain in joint

The onset of many other symptoms may also indicate kidney disease patients to take antibiotics. However, not all kidney disease patients with the above symptoms need to use these medications. In clinic, antibiotics can help deal with bacterial infections and only bacterial infections. In view of this, if you are suffering from one of the above problems, you should firstly make sure whether it is caused by bacterial infections. If yes, learn to choose correct antibiotics to take.

What antibiotics are safe to take with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease?

There are many types of antibiotics found in drugstores. Some antibiotics can help control kidney disease patients’ symptoms, while some others may cause kidney damage or even acute kidney failure.

Some antibiotics like chloromycetin are broken down by liver, so they usually don’t affect kidney function or increase the burden on kidneys. However, most types of antibiotics are discharged out of the body by urine that means kidneys are responsible for breaking down them. In this case, if people have kidney disease, antibiotics such as penicillin and cefoxitin that have renal toxicity should be avoided.

In conclusion, patients with CKD Stage 3 should choose antibiotics that are metabolized by kidneys. To learn more about this topic, you can leave a message below to us.


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