Yoga for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

2013-11-24 13:42

Yoga for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) usually progresses slowly, so doctors order patients to develop a healthy lifestyle to help fight against their kidney problem. Exercise is one obbligato part of the daily life. Therefore, many CKD patients may ask whether yoga is suitable for them.

Firstly, learn more about yoga

Yoga, one soft movement, has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, and in recent years, more and more people begin to do yoga. Generally speaking, yoga is one exercise that integrates the body and breath perfectly. Therefore, it can benefit a lot for general population.

Can people with CKD do yoga?

The answer may change from case to case, since different types of Chronic Kidney Disease are due to various conditions. In some cases, CKD patients can do this exercise safely and beneficially, but in some other cases, yoga may cause some problems for CKD patients. (Here, you can describe your illness condition to online doctor, so he can give you some suggestions for yoga.)

If your kidney problem is caused by diabetes, hypertension, Lupus and so on, doing yoga regularly can bring the following benefits:

- Improve patients’ immunity: Diseased kidneys usually cause the build up of waste products and toxins in the blood. Then, polluted blood can cause low immunity. Yoga can help improve this condition, so as to fight against kidney disease.

- Prolong patients’ life expectancy: Even though yoga can’t help prevent death, it does prolong some patients’ life span to some extent. This is because yoga can help improve patients’ overview health.

- Ease kidney symptoms: For people with kidney disease, they are more likely to suffer from cold, fever and infections. They can get some relief through doing exercise correctly.

Does this mean all kidney disease patients can practice yoga?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. If patients have PKD or kidney cyst, yoga should be avoided. The reason is that the stretching or bending movement may cause the rupture of kidney cyst. Once one kidney cyst ruptures, it may cause some severe complications such as kidney infections and hematuria.

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