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Lower Extremity Edema & CKD with Creatinine 2.1

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-15 11:58

Lower Extremity Edema & CKD with Creatinine 2.1Many people may find that they may have a slight edema in their face or around their eyes. Then this situation may be serious than before--edema may appear in lower extremity,ankle,etc. They may not care about this,but edema is a obvious symptoms od CKD.

Why does CKD cause the edema with creatinine 2.1?

Chronic Kidney Disease has a long-term asymptomatic stage,which makes it difficult for patients to discover the damage. However,there are also some clues that can remind patients of the problems of kidneys. Edema is just one of the important symptoms of CKD.

With creatinine 2.1,patients condition has worsen into stage 3,which means that some obvious symptoms are appearing. Owing to kidney damage,too much water can not be eliminated from body and it may be pushed into tissue space or body cavity,causing the edema. Besides,the the retention of sodium exacerbate the edema level.

If CKD patients are diagnosed with edema,some diuretic and diuretic food are advised to be taken. Such as Thiazide,chlorothiazide,apples and so on. But it is not the basic solution method to treat the edema. In fact,to treat the kidney disease fundamentally is to treat the renal edema.

TCM offers several therapies to reduce the edema and control the kidney disease. Medicated Bath and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help patients decrease their edema condition. Medicated Bath can help the patient to sweat to ease the renal burden. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is another treatment that are beneficial to control and relieve the symptoms of CKD. Compared with western medicine and healthy diet,TCM can do more to help patients recovery.

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