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How to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease with Confusion and Irritability

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-14 15:36

How to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease with Confusion and IrritabilitySome people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) find they are prone to confusion and irritability. How to treat confusion and irritability?

What causes confusion and irritability for CKD patients?

-Once your kidneys are damaged, they can not filter wastes and toxins from the blood. Too much of these wastes and toxins in the blood may affect your central nervous system and cause confusion and irritability.

-CKD sufferers always have a low immune system, which may make you catch cold, flu and infection easily. And these diseases in turn lead to confusion and irritability.

-Anemia is a common symptom of CKD. Not enough red blood cells in the blood affects the oxygen transportation. If the brain is lack of oxygen, it may lead to confusion.

-Psychological conditions, such as stress, anxiety and depression can make you irritable as well.

-Certain medicine you take may be a cause of confusion and irritability.

Treatment for confusion and irritability

Confusion and irritability are very normal, so there is no need for you to concern so much. In the daily, keeping a positive attitude, receiving aggressive treatment, leading a healthy lifestyle are very helpful. Besides, if you can improve your kidney function and immune system, all of the causes of confusion and irritability will be removed. Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies, such as hot compress therapy, medicated bath and foot bath, are so convenient that you can do at home. They help discharge wastes from your body and provide a clean environment for your kidneys. Over time, your body will become harmonious and balanced.

If you are experiencing confusion and irritability, you had better talk with your doctor and find the underlying causes. You can also get free online service by clicking the button beside. Leaving a message below or sending emails to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com are both OK, too.


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