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How to Overcome Kidney Related Anemia

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-08 10:11

How to Overcome Kidney Related AnemiaIf you are struggling to find effective methods for overcoming kidney related anemia, I believe this article must be helpful for you. Just like fatigue and loss of appetite, anemia is one common symptom of chronic kidney disease (CKD). If left alone, it may cause severe complication and worsen patients’ illness condition. For this reason, prompt treatment is very necessary.

The treatment should depend on the causes

Renal anemia is caused by the decline of kidney function. With the progression of chronic kidney disease, most renal patients are diagnosed with anemia especially when their creatinine level is higher than 3.5mg/dl. Also, patients’ anemia is due to five conditions.

- Reduction of erythropoietin secreted by kidneys

- Bleeding tendency such as nose bleeding and gum bleeding

- The build up of toxins

- Decline of bone marrow haematopoietic function

- Malnutrition and iron deficiency

How to overcome kidney related anemia?

In western medicine, there are mainly three treatments to deal with renal anemia: western medication, blood transfusion and dialysis. EPO injection is one treatment that needs long-term maintenance. There is no doubt that blood transfusion will increase the risk of infection. As for dialysis, it usually won’t begin unless patients’ kidney function level is less than 15%.

Compared with western medicine, some Chinese medicines are used to treat anemia directly, while some others are taken to fix damaged kidneys. For example, dangshen, rehmannia glutinosa, angelica sinensis, etc, can stimulate the body to produce red blood cells. Chinese rhubarb and cordyceps sinensis have been used commonly to repair damaged kidneys and improve kidney function level. Of course, kidney patients’ medical conditions differ from case to case. To make sure you can use these medicines safely and correctly, you had better have a further talk with doctor online.

Lastly, no matter which method you take to overcome your kidney related anemia, remember to eat some foods as iron supplement.


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