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Blood Urine In Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-08 13:58

Blood Urine In Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3For patients in chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 3, they may find many changes in their urine such as foamy urine and blood urine. Blood urine is a common symptom for patients in CKD stage 3.

Blood urine is related to the problems of patients’ urinary system. It is caused by many disease, such as renal stone, urinary tract infection and prostate diseases. But for patients in CKD stage 3, blood urine reflects the damages in kidneys.

Kidney is mainly consisted of kidney tubules and glomeruli. Glomeruli have filtration membrane, and it has functions of molecular barrier and electrostatic barrier. The molecular barrier can keep the macromolecule substances like protein staying in blood, and the electrostatic barrier can keep the micromolecule substances which are have negative charge not filtering out. Meanwhile, kidney tubules can reabsorb the excess fluid and nutrients that are leaked out. Through the function of glomeruli and kidney tubules, our body can keep the balance of water and minerals. Then our body can work well and keep healthy.

When patients have a urine test, the test shows more than three red blood cells in their urine. The doctor will tell them that they have the symptom of blood urine. But to patients in CKD stage 3, they may have a obvious symptom of blood urine. We all know that the kidney function is moderately reduced in CKD stage 3, so some useful substances like red blood cells will filter out from the damaged barriers in glomeruli. Besides, the impaired kidney tubules also can’t reabsorb the useful substances and they will leak into urine. Therefore, it’s common that large amount of red blood cells presenting in urine and the urine color is red.

Patients who have blood urine in chronic kidney disease stage 3 should pay attention to their health condition. With the damaged kidney, they should change their lifestyle. Because healthy lifestyle will control their illness.

Patients in CKD stage 3 may change their diet. A right diet will make them much better. They should follow the advices of their doctors. There are some basic points like controlling the protein intake, because too munch or too little protein intake will be harmful for patients. In their life, they should do proper exercises everyday, have enough rest and stay away from their bad life habits. These will improve their illness condition. But they can’t prevent the aggravate of kidney failure. If patients want to solve their kidney problems radically, it’s better for them to have treatments timely and effectively.



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