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Causes and Treatment of Insomnia in CKD

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-08 16:11

Causes and Treatment of Insomnia in CKDA good sleep is very important to a healthy life, but there is an estimated 30-70 % of people with CKD complain about insomnia. What causes insomnia and how to treat insomnia? In the following, they will be explained respectively.

What causes insomnia in CKD?

-A build up of waste in the blood can cause you to feel ill and uncomfortable. This could make sleeping difficult.

-Restless leg syndrome is a common symptom of CKD, which makes your legs feel extremely uncomfortable at night. It may prevent you from falling asleep.

-Insomnia may have relationship with the medicine you take, such as corticosteroids and hypotensive drugs.

-You emotions, such as worry, anxiety and sadness, can keep you up at night.

-Too much caffeine late in the day can affect your ability to fall asleep later that night.

-Patients with CKD may often feel tired. They tend to nap during the day, which could cause insomnia in the night.

How to treat insomnia in CKD?

-Leading a healthy lifestyle is important in treating insomnia in CKD. You should improve your emotion, avoid caffeine, and have a regular sleep patter. Exercise is also helpful for treating insomnia.

-Treating CKD is a long process, you had better take some natural herbs instead of western medicine.

-Improving kidney function is the fundamental treatment to insomnia and CKD. Traditional Chinese Medicine stereoscopic therapies, including edema therapy, hot compress, medicated bath, circle therapy, etc are all very beneficial to your body without side effects. They can remove the toxins from your body and regulate your immune system so that your kidney function gradually improves.

Lack of sleep cause excessive daytime sleepiness, impair daytime functioning and reduce quality of life. What is worse, it is associated with loss of immune function, which will aggravate your medical condition and accelerate the procession to kidney failure. Therefore, you must pay attention to this symptom. If you are suffering from insomnia, please contact our online doctors. They will help you get rid of it.


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