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Will Protein Leakage from Kidney Cause Leg Cramps

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-21 10:36

Will Protein Leakage from Kidney Cause Leg CrampsProtein is an essential substance to maintain our health, and normally, healthy kidneys keep it from leaking. However, once kidney fails to play its filtration function, protein leakage occurs easily. For many people with kidney problems, they also have leg cramps. Will protein leakage from kidney cause leg cramps? Is there any link between them?

Is protein leakage from kidney serious?

Because of glomerular filtration function and renal tubular reabsorption, protein excretion in healthy adults’ urine is less than 150 mg per day. If the amount of protein in urine is larger than 150mg/24h, we call it proteinuria. If it is higher than 3.5g/24h, it reveals heavy proteinuria. If uncontrolled effectively, serious protein leakage may cause the following problems:

- Fluid retention in some regions such as legs and ankles.

- Malnutrition

- Changes in skin or nails

- Electrolyte imbalance

- Poor blood circulation

Is there any link between protein leakage and leg cramps?

Even though protein leakage can’t result in leg cramps directly, its complications does cause leg cramps. Fluid retention in legs and poor blood circulation throughout legs are both two common reasons for cramps in leg.

How to manage protein leakage and leg cramps for kidney patients?

To relieve leg cramps naturally and quickly, you can try massage, which can help improve the blood circulation all over the body. Besides, it is also effective on helping patients ease fatigue and get more energy.

Then, some medicines which can repair damaged kidneys are needed. To determine what medicines are helpful for you, you may need to do some tests such as blood tests and urine tests. Therefore, doctors can know where your kidney damage is located, and then they will prescribe a systemic treatment plan. If you have it, leave your test report to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com, so doctors here can give you some treatment suggestions.


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