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Itchy Skin And Stage 3 CKD Treatments

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-12-28 16:18

Itchy Skin And Stage 3 CKD TreatmentsOur body is a whole system, once one part is damaged, the whole system will be disturbed. CKD is regarded as a long term disease, and there always be some painful symptoms along with the patients, such as itchy skin. So next I will discuses something about itchy skin and stage 3 CKD. You also can communicate it with our ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why there will be itchy skin for stage 3 CKD patients?

Itchy skin is a common symptom of CKD, which is mainly cause by extra phosphorus in the body. The healthy kidney has the function of removing harmful waste out of body and absorb useful substance. So it is so important for human body. Once the kidney was destroyed, it will lose a part of its function. So as a result, more and more toxic substance will retain in the blood, including of the phosphorus. And with time going on, the extra phosphorus will cover on the surface of skin which can lead to serious itchy.

Treatments for itchy skin and stage 3 CKD

Without to say, you must have searched so many treatments to deal with the itchy skin and stage 3 CKD. Today, I will share the Medicated Bath to you, which therapy is so effective in dealing with the itchy skin. The main composition of this therapy is some traditional Chinese medical herbs which can contact with the skin directly. These medical herbs are supposed to boiled into hot medical bath, then the patients can enjoy it completely. So our Chinese medicine will repair the itchy skin and some of the Chinese medicine will penetrated into the internal body and repair the damaged kidney cells and tissues. At last, both the itchy skin and stage 3 CKD can be relived by our medicated bath.

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