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Ammonia Odour in Mouth for Stage 3 CKD Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-11-05 10:21

Ammonia Odour in Mouth for Stage 3 CKD PatientsAmmonia odour, is so embarrassed to so many people, and we can find that the CKD patients are more easily to suffer from the ammonia adour, which impact their life seriously. Because which, they even are not willing to communicate with other people. So it is so necessary for the stage 3 CKD patients to know the causes and treatments for ammonia odour among CKD patients. I believe that our ONLINE DOCTOR must can help you a lot on this problem. You also can read my article.

Why there is ammonia odour in mouth for CKD patients?

The key factor for this the ammonia odour is the extra urea nitrogen in the body. The kidney has the function of discharging harmful waste and absorb the useful substance. While, due to the chronic kidney disease, the kidney is damaged seriously and so many kidney function are lost. So that, more and more harmful waste will be retained in the body, including of the urea nitrogen. When the amount of the urea nitrogen reach to a certain degree, they will penetrate into the respiratory tract, which will lead to the ammonia adour in the mouth.

How to get rid of the ammonia adour for CKD patients

The Chinese Medicated Bath in our hospital is an excellent treatment to deal with the ammonia adour for CKD patients. This therapy is made up by various kinds of the Chinese medical herbs, which have strong function of detoxication. Through about two hours boiling, these herbs can made into Chinese medical soup and then we mix a certain amount of water with it, so the medicated bath is done. The CKD patients can soak into it, and they will sweat a lot, a large amount of the harmful waste will flow away with the sweat. Then you can surprised to find that, there will be less and less urea nitrogen in your body, and the ammonia adour in your mouth will disappear, too.

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