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Does Stage 3 Kidney Disease Cause Leg Pain

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-13 09:39

Does Stage 3 Kidney Disease Cause Leg PainDoes stage 3 kidney disease cause leg pain? This question is asked frequently by kidney disease patients. Since kidneys and legs are organs unconnected, why does leg pain occur commonly in patients with kidney disease?

The kidney and leg

Even though kidney is unconnected with leg directly, healthy kidney can help keep leg health to a large extent. Normally, kidneys are responsible for eliminating waste products, toxins and extra fluid out of the body, so as to cleanse blood. In addition, regulating electrolyte balance and secreting EPO is another important kidney function. Therefore, kidney can help guarantee to provide enough blood and nutrition for legs.

Can stage 3 kidney disease cause pain in legs?

Stage 3 kidney disease is one condition where kidneys are functioning at 30%-59%. At this time, even though kidneys can still work by themself, they don’t function so efficiently and a series of problems begin to occur. Among them, several conditions can lead to leg pain.

1. Poor circulation in legs: This condition is commonly seen in patients who stage 3 kidney disease is due to diabetes. High blood sugar can damage the tiny blood vessels and verves all over the body as well as legs.

2. The deposits of uremic toxins: With the decline of kidney function, many uremic toxins such as uric acid and urea will build up in the blood. Finally, the deposits of uremic toxins will cause leg problems including leg pain.

3. Lack of erythropoietin (EPO): Diseased kidneys can’t secrete enough EPO, which is in charge of stimulating the body to produce enough blood red cells. This can result in renal anemia. Leg pain is one sign of renal anemia.

4. Electrolyte imbalance: Phosphorus, calcium and PTH are essential substances for maintaining bone health. If kidneys are not working properly, the disorder of these electrolyte may cause bone disease like bone pain. Bone in leg is involved easily.

Now, we have known how stage 3 kidney disease causes leg pain. If you are experiencing this problem, tell the online doctor timely, so he can give you some effective suggestions about diet, home remedies and medical treatments timely.


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