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The Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease in Stage 3

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-02-02 16:20

The Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease Chronic Kidney Disease refers that kidney function deduced gradually during several months or years. The typical symptoms of chronic kidney disease include that edema, proteinuria and hematuresis and high blood pressure and some complication. But most of them are not find their illness.

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1 high blood pressure: important symptoms of non chronic kidney disease syndrome, but there are water, sodium storage slip, blood volume increasing and temperately high blood.

2 proteinuria: much proteinuria is the main symptom of diagnosing chronic kidney disease syndrome.

3 hypoproteinemia: it is plasma protein decreased mainly for chronic kidney disease syndrome patients.

4 hyperlipidaemia: triglyceride increase in the patients with chronic kidney disease syndrome.

5 general dropsy : all patients with chronic kidney disease syndrome appear the different level edema. The most obvious edema displays in the face, lower limbs and the ministry of the scrotum. Edema keeps several weeks or months, with the state of sometime swell.

The syndromes show that large number of bubbles in urine and blood in urine, nocturia increased. There are urine protein and red blood cell in urine routine test, which is the warning signal of chronic kidney disease syndrome. When the urine is abnormal, people are advised to check and diagnose. Once patients feel tired and display anemia and obvious symptoms of fatigue, anemia, which we should look for a doctor, at this moment chronic kidney disease syndrome have passed early phase, which leading difficult of chronic of kidney disease’s late treatment.

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