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Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Stage 3 symptoms and signs

In Stage 3 CKD, many symptoms and signs appear to affect patients’ life. In this case, management for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 symptoms is necessary.

Treatment for High Creatinine Level 705 and Rash in CKD

My husband is a Chronic Kidney Disease patient. He has rash on his upper body, face, ears, and neck. His High Creatinine Level went from 502 to 705 in 10 days. What is the treatment?...

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Stage 3 CKD: Home Remedy for Pain in Legs

Can stage 3 CKD cause pain in legs? This question is asked frequently by Chronic Kidney Disease patients. Why does leg pain appear in kidney disease? What is the home remedy for it? Please go on reading to find the answer....

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If Creatinine is 2.7 Can be Get in Normal Range or Not

If Creatinine is 2.7 can be get in normal range or not? High creatinine level is due to that more that half of the kidney was damaged, it can not discharge wastes and toxins in blood by itself, then creatinine this kind of toxic products was...

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What Dose Creatinine 2.5 Mean And How to Treat Without Dialysis

What does Creatinine 2.5 mean and how to treat Without Dialysis? Serum creatinine level is the most directly factor to react the situation of kidney. ...

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Itchy Skin And Stage 3 CKD Treatments

Our body is a whole system, once one part is damaged, the whole system will be disturbed. CKD is regarded as a long term disease, and there always be some painful symptoms along with the patients, such as itchy skin. So next I will discuses...

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Natural Treatments for CKD Patients Diarrhea

Diarrhea is so painful, and when we have a bad intestines and stomach, we always suffer from the diarrhea. While the CKD patients are easier to catch the diarrhea than the normal people. Why? Follow me, and find the secret about this phenom...

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Stage 3 CKD Patients Dry Mouth: Causes and Treatments

Compared with other symptoms of stage3 CKD , the dry mouth is easily to be ignored by patients. While, the dry mouth can reflect more secret of your body. The CKD patients who have a dry mouth is better to know the reasons and treatments. S...

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Ammonia Odour in Mouth for Stage 3 CKD Patients

Ammonia odour, is so embarrassed to so many people, and we can find that the CKD patients are more easily to suffer from the ammonia adour, which impact their life seriously. Because which, they even are not willing to communicate with othe...

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Fever in CKD Patients after Dialysis: Causes and Treatments

The Dialysis is a common choice for CKD patients to relieve some symptoms. While some CKD patients complained that they suffer from the fever after the dialysis which make them so weak. They eager to know the reason of that, and they still...

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Chinese Medical Treatment of Itching in CKD Patients

Some CKD patients always complained that they suffer form the itching skin all the time, which make them can not live a normal life. So that, they try their best to find theeffective treatments to get rid if the itching. Until, they heard t...

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