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Is Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 Serious

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-11 10:09

Is Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 SeriousAs we know, there are five stages of chronic kidney disease. Stage 1-2 have slightly reduction of kidney function and there is no obvious symptoms. In stage 3, kidneys are moderately damaged and patients may have some typical symptoms such as edema, anemia, high blood pressure, fatigue and urine changes. In stage 5, the kidney function is severely reduced and patients in this stage need to prepare for dialysis or some patients may start for dialysis. Stage 5 is the advanced stage with most of the kidney function lost, and patients need to have dialysis or kidney transplant to improve their illness condition and prolong their life.

Therefore, we can see stage 3 is relatively serious, because patients suffer from obvious symptoms and discomforts. All these cause great impact for their normal life and activities. What’s more, patients in CKD stage 3 don’t control their illness condition timely and properly, stage 3 will quickly progress into stage 4 or even end stage renal failure.

On the other hand, for patients in CKD stage 3, they have great chance to relieve kidney damage and improve the kidney function with effective treatments.

For CKD stage 3 patients, they should follow the advices of their doctors and keep a strict diet. A reasonable diet is important for them. They also need to change their lifestyle and take proper exercises everyday. These will improve their illness condition.

Besides, Chinese medicine is a good treatment option for CKD stage 3 patients. It can treat the primary disease such as hypertension and diabetes, which are the two leading causes of kidney disease. Chinese medicine can also improve the illness condition and slow down the progression of kidney disease. It can even repair damaged kidney tissues and recover renal functions.

From the above, we can see that chronic kidney disease stage 3 is serious for patients. So, they should pay more attention to it. They should have treatments timely and follow the doctor’s advices strictly. All these will be better for their illness condition.



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