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How Can Kidney Disease Patients Reduce the Intake of Salt

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-26 09:54

How Can Kidney Disease Patients Reduce the Intake of Salt?For almost all the kidney disease patients,a low intake of salt is necessary to control their own kidney disease. However,in numerous cooking materials,salt is indispensable to make them taste better. So how can patients with kidney disease slove this problem?

If you have been diagnosed with Kidney Disease,firstly,your doctor may suggest that you should take a low salt intake to avoid deterioration of this disease. Some patients think that it is almost impossible with no salt in people’s daily life. Actually,the taste of people can be lighten gradually in a regular light diet. So what can patients do to reduce the intake of salt?

1.Use the natural flavor of food itself

Food has its own smell. For example,after oil saute,scallion,ginger and garlic can increase palatability and aroma. Besides,the light foods can be cooked with green,tomato,onion,using the fragrance of oil adequately.

improve the taste

2.Use other condiment to decrease the demand of salt

Such as vinegar,sugar can increase the relish of sour and sweet and decrease the demand of salt. In addition, using cooking methods that can keep food flavor,like braise,stew. Moreover,change the salt habit: sprinkle salt on the surface of dishes,which can excite your taste buds and arouse the appetite .

3.Some medicinal herbs or spice can be taken to increase the flavor of foods.

Using the red dates,cinnamon,anise and so on,can reduce the salt and add flavor.

4.In some cases,patients can take more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement the potassium.

If your doctor agrees,you can take more foods rich in potassium to help eliminate the overmuch sodium. Such as kelp,nori,banana and so on. What need reminds is,doctor permission is required because not all patients need to complement potassium.

Healthy diet may can influence your disease in the beginning,but it can not cause other effects continuously. The timely and effective treatment can do more to control and relieve your renal disease precess. Sometimes to choose a right therapy is to choose the hope.

Hope you can be happier.


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