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Does Gooseberry Have Any Adverse Effect On Renal Disease Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-28 09:20

Does Gooseberry Have Any Adverse Effect On Renal Disease PatientsIndian gooseberry is found commonly in Ayuvedic medicine and used for thousands of years. Some people even claim Indian gooseberry has an effect on treating kidney disease. If renal disease patients decide to use gooseberry, will it cause any adverse effect on these patients?

Gooseberry contains 18 kinds of essential amino acids, vitamin C, and some minerals. It is reported that the content of vitamin C in gooseberry is only secondary to that in kiwi fruit, so gooseberry has strong antioxidant property. For this reason, gooseberry can help protect remaining kidney function and prevent infections and inflammation.

The other benefit of gooseberry is to decrease oxidative stress in people with kidney failure. For people with kidney failure, many uremic toxins build up in the blood that contain waste products and other toxins, resulting in many symptoms. Oxidative stress produces harmful substances, while gooseberry extract can increase antioxidant property that can help reduce the production of waste products.

Additionally, Indian gooseberry can also help soften blood vessels, lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, supplement calcium, strengthen patients’ immunity and fight against cancer.

Just because of these health benefits, doctors always recommend kidney disease patients to consume correct amount of gooseberry. However, this doesn’t mean kidney patients can use it without any limitation. Since gooseberry is rich in potassium, phosphorus and some other minerals, extra amount of gooseberry may cause some side effects.

If you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and have high potassium or phosphorus level, you should consult how much gooseberry you can consume. Otherwise, you may suffer from skin itching, muscle cramps, irregular heartbeat, renal bone disease, and some other diseases.

Even though you don’t have any symptom now, gooseberry consumption in safe amount is also very important.


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