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How Much Protein Can A Person With CKD Have A Day

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-07 15:47

How Much Protein Can A Person With CKD Have A DayHow much protein can a person with CKD have one day? Protein is one essential nutrition for our muscle and tissue. On the downside, its waste products enter into the blood and are discharged out of the blood by kidneys. Therefore, people with chronic kidney disease, a correct amount of protein is very important.

Protein and kidneys

Protein, found in fish, meat, fruits, nuts, dairy products and many other foods, can help maintain patients’ health and improve energy. However, when kidneys can’t do their work properly, the byproducts of protein decomposition like urea can increase the burden on kidneys. The overwork makes kidney condition aggravate quickly. Generally speaking, the lower the level of kidney function, the less the intake of protein. The condition will be different unless the person begins dialysis.

How much protein should CKD patients consume every day?

According to GFR, CKD is divided into 5 stages. In different stages, patients need to take in different amounts of protein. Read on to make sure the safe amount for you one daily.

In Stage 1 CKD, GFR more than 90 ml/min, protein intake is 0.8g/kg.

In Stage 2 CKD, GFR 60~89 ml/min, protein intake is 0.8g/kg.

In Stage 3 CKD, GFR 30~59 ml/min, protein intake is 0.6 g/kg.

In Stage 4 CKD, GFR 15~29 ml/min, protein intake is 0.4g/kg.

In Stage 5 CKD, GFR less than 15ml/min, protein intake is 0.4g/kg.

The total amount of protein can be supplied with different combinations. For example, if you are of 60kg and in Stage 3 CKD, you can take in 36 g of protein everyday. To make you eat correct amount of protein, an example could be 2 servings of HBV foods (14 grams), one cup of milk (8 grams), 4 servings of vegetables (4 grams), 5 servings of grain (10 grams) and 3 servings of fruits (0 gram). (If you want to get such a detailed diet plan for your case, you can email your test report to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com, and we are glad to give you some suggestions for free.)

Protein is one essential nutrition for kidney patients. To improve your health condition, you had better make sure you are always on a correct diet plan.


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