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Can People with Chronic Kidney Disease Drink Jasmine Tea

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-26 09:38

Can People with Chronic Kidney Disease Drink Jasmine TeaCan people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) drink jasmine tea? Jasmine tea is one common flower tea, and many people love to drink this tea. However, when they are diagnosed with kidney disease, they may pay highly attention to the consumption of jasmine tea.

Health benefits of jasmine tea for kidney disease patients

When kidneys fail to work normally, extra fluid and metabolic wastes will build up in the blood. Also, they can’t regulate blood pressure and maintain electrolyte balance properly. Therefore, patients may develop high blood pressure, high creatinine level, swelling, etc. Jasmine tea can help control these symptoms.

In addition, this type of tea is effective on improving immunity, because it has effect of inhibiting various bacteria. Because of immune disorder, kidney patients are usually at high risk of infections, fever, chills, etc. In view of this, improving their immunity is very important for these patients.

Here, you may think jasmine tea is good for kidney disease patients, but it is wrong. This is because this type of tea may also cause some side effects for these patients.

Side effects of jasmine tea for people with chronic kidney disease

Firstly, it may damage gastric mucosa, so people who have gastrointestinal tract disorders had better avoid it. Secondly, jasmine tea is one caffeine-containing drink, so it can affect patients’ sleep quality and increase the burden on kidneys. Finally, this flower tea can prevent the body from absorbing iron, so it may aggravate patients’ renal anemia. From this point, kidney disease patients should limit the intake of jasmine tea.

If you are faced with this question, you can tell the online doctor your illness condition, and then they will tell you whether you can drink this type of tea.


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