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What Can You Drink with Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-13 17:22

What Can You Drink with Kidney DiseaseFor kidney disease patients, they can not enjoy whatever they would like to drink and eat freely. In order to live healthily, there are many restrictions. Today let’s have a look at what you can drink with kidney disease.

Can you drink alcohol with kidney disease?

The answer is no. Drinking alcohol can worsen your kidney disease. It can not only increase high blood pressure, but also blood urea nitrogen. In addition, it may threaten your life if you take medicine after drinking alcohol.

Can you drink coffee with kidney disease?

The answer is also no. Coffee consumption may increase risks of developing kidney stone. And caffeine in coffee may exacerbate high blood pressure for PKD patients. What is worse, caffeine increases cholesterol and proteinuria so as to speed up the progression to kidney failure. Therefore, it is suggested to drink coffee no more than two cups.

Can you drink cola with kidney disease?

Cola is also a drink that many people enjoy. But the answer is the same—No. Because of high sugar presents in the drinks, people is prone to get diabetes. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure.

Can you drink some herbal tea with kidney disease?

Yes. It is recommended to drink some herbal tea, such as dandelion, nettle leaf, siberian ginseng, salvia, cinnamon, Chinese rhubarb, buchu, marshmallow root etc. Some of them have the function of lowering creatinine level, some of them have the function of treating kidney stone, and some of them have the function of improving kidney function etc.

Can you drink some fresh vegetable or fruit juice?

This should depend on your state of illness. On one hand, fresh vegetable and fruit contain rich vitamins. Vitamins boost your immune system and prevent you from various disease. On the other hand, some of the vegetables and fruits contain certain minerals, too much of which will increase the burden on kidney and worsen your kidney disease.

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