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Is White Gourd Good for CKD Stage 3 Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-28 17:04

Is White Gourd Good for CKD Stage 3 Patients“Hello, doctor. Whether white gourd is good for Chronic Kidney Disease patients? I want to know about details. If you have any question please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR for free. We will give you professional guidance as soon as possible.

Wax gourd can be used to lower blood sugar as well as blood pressure; White gourd is rich in vitamin C, low sodium but high potassium. It is especially suitable for patients with high blood pressure, Chronic Kidney Disease and people with edema etc. Due to its high potassium levels, this vegetable should better be boiled at first so as to reduce potassium content.

According to study collected in clinic, 20 of pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome patients who are treated by boiled white gourd peels receive satisfactory effects. Besides, wax gourd is beneficial to deal with Diabetes and polydipsia.

Chinese watermelon juice and its extract increase one’s urine output and reduce kidney impairment in the same time. Consuming white gourd also benefits for reducing serum creatinine level. Recent study reveals that cucurbitacin in Chinese watermelon could block and protect kidney impairment from progressing.

The medicines coming from extract of wax gourd, urine production will be increased and serum urea nitrogen can be reduced. Consequently, one’s immunity is promoted and clinical symptoms are improved. By doing so, the damaged kidneys are protected and its further progression is stopped.

Our hospital use the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for patients, which based on the traditional Chinese medicine. It is good for CKD patients from the root. If you have any question’s please email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com or leave message for us. We will give you professional guidance as soon as possible.


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