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Can Kidney Disease Patients Drink Cola Drinks or Coffee

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-09 13:36

Can Kidney Disease Patients Drink Cola Drinks or CoffeeCan kidney disease patients drink cola drinks or coffee? Both of cola drinks and coffee are commonly seen in our daily life, especially in one party. However, for kidney disease patients, they should pay highly attention to the consumption of these drinks, even though their doctors don’t require them to stay away from them completely.

Cola drinks and coffee both contain caffeine. Just for this reason, they may cause some healthy problems for kidney disease patients. If you are one among them and have the following disorders, you had better limit the intake of these drinks.

- High blood pressure: One clinical research reports that blood pressure can keep increasing for 12 hours after drinking one coffee, because caffeine has an effect of raising blood pressure. Besides, mental stress will increase this risk.

- Bone disease: With diseased kidneys, phosphorus is more likely to deposit in the blood, pulling more calcium from the bone. This will lead to renal bone disease like osteoporosis. Coffee or cola drinks can aggravate this problem, as it is able to affect the absorption of calcium and flush calcium out of the body.

- Sleep problem: Many kidney disease patients are suffering from sleep problem because of muscle cramps, skin itching or restless syndrome legs. If you have these problems, doctors may recommend you to avoid these drinks.

In addition, cola drinks or coffee may increase the burden on kidneys. This is another reason that doctors require patients with kidney disease to limit the intake of these drinks. Of course, if you still have high level of kidney function, you can still consume some of them. From the above content, you should choose to drink them carefully.

If you still have some questions about any drink for kidney disease patients, welcome to tell our online doctor. He will give you some personalized advice.


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