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Are Persimmons Bad for Chronic Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-01 14:33

Are Persimmons Bad for Chronic Kidney DiseaseAre persimmons bad for CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)? If you happens to have kidney disease, you must fairly concern what you eat, since some foods may worsen your condition. What on earth can you eat? Is it OK to consume persimmons?

It is hard to answer this question, because of patients’ different illness conditions. In some cases, kidney patients can eat correct amount of persimmons, while in some other cases, patients had better stay away from this fruit.

Firstly, persimmon, compared with other fruits, contains relatively more sugar. At present, diabetes has been the leading cause of Chronic Kidney Disease. If one person’s kidney problem is due to long-term diabetes, persimmon consumption may increase his blood sugar, so as to aggravate kidney disease.

Secondly, the tannin in persimmon is more likely to combine with iron to affect the absorption of iron. For people with kidney disease, their kidneys can’t produce enough EPO to stimulate the formation of red blood cells, thus resulting in anemia easily. In this case, iron deficiency may worsen patients’ anemia.

Finally, persimmon may also affect the body to use calcium, Zinc and other minerals. Lower calcium level in blood or Zinc deficiency can cause bone disease, hair loss, nail changes, and so on.

However, the above analysis doesn’t mean all people with kidney disease should avoid persimmons. Without any of conditions the above mentioned, you needn’t stay away from this fruit. If the online doctor permits you to enjoy persimmons, you can get the following benefits:

- Lower high blood pressure: This can help slow the progression of kidney disease.

- Treat urinary tract infections and hematuria: Both of these two problems are commonly seen in kidney disease.

- Have a property of diuretic: In the early stage of kidney disease, this property is able to increase kidney output, so as to remove more waste products from the body.


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