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Why Does Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Have A High Mortality

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-12 16:06

Why Does Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Have A High MortalityChronic Kidney Disease is a kind of relatively benign disease with a slow development. CKD is usually called “the silent killer”because it has less obvious or even no symptoms. However,why does Chronic Kidney Disease patients have a high mortality?

According to statistics,about 58% of patients with abnormal creatinine died from Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Actually,the mortality of CVD is 15 times more than ordinary people. However,death rate of ESRF patients with CVD is 35 times more than ordinary people. Then you may be doubtful of this conclusion. Why will CKD cause the CVD?

In fact,Cardiovascular Disease is just one of the severer complications of CKD. The long-term kidney disease and the damaged renal function effect the CVD. Besides,high blood pressure,high sugar,smoking and anemia may also promote the CVD. In addition,owing to the decline of GFR,kidneys can not eliminate the overmuch water and sodium in body,which causes the accumulation of water. Then the burden of kidneys and heart will be increased. Moreover,the toxin in body may also damage the kidney function and exacerbate the heart lesions.

So it is necessary for patients to take timely and effective tests and treatments to prevent and control the serious symptoms and complications.

For most of patients,if they are diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease,their doctor may advise you to take some medicine or do dialysis to control the disease condition. But you know that the drugs or dialysis can not treat your condition. Sometimes,a proper treatment is the hope of life. With less side-affects,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmothrapy offers a better choice for CKD patients to limit and relieve their disease condition and symptoms.

If you have other questions about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmothrapy,you can just ask the live doctor to get what you want to know. Further more,or you want to get more detailed and professional guidance about yourself,you can leave massage on below or Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com about your disease condition and we are glad to offer it.

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